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Andy Welsh
January 16, 2023

Making sure your teams are communicating well and collaborating is essential for any organisation to achieve its goals. But how do we go about this?

Well the good news is that Teamgage is designed to get your teams working better together. Here's how!


One of the key strategies for improving communication and collaboration is to regularly listen to employee ideas and insights.

By actively seeking out and considering the input of team members, organisations can tap into a wealth of knowledge and hear from those people that may be experiencing any issues first hand. This works well, because they're often best placed to come up with a solution to any problem they've identified! They just need the permission and safety that a tool like Teamgage gives them to communicate it.

Most Teamgage customers are gathering these anonymous employee ideas and insights at least once a month, and that almost always includes a question around how well each team is communicating and collaborating, which reflects the importance of this in creating a successful team.

And remember! Sometimes gaining a substantial improvement in communication and collaboration can come from really simple ideas that you can quickly implement and experiment with.


We’ve all seen sports teams huddle together at key points in a game with their coach right? But have you ever wondered what would happen to a team that didn’t bother with any of that? No feedback from the players on how things are going, no new ideas to get the desired result, no tweaking of the team’s approach, no reminder from the coach of the key objectives and finally no morale-boosting “all in it together” moment. The outcome for that team would surely be disastrous.

So that’s why Teamgage encourages all teams to regularly huddle around their own team's results. By bringing people together in this way, team members can be brought back into alignment on the team’s key focus areas, communicate their thoughts and ideas on how to make them better, and discuss any challenges that need to be addressed. This dedicated time for team communication really helps to foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration, and ensures that everyone is working towards the same goals.


Finally, it’s so important to create improvement actions! By setting specific actions within Teamgage to improve results, team members can stay focused and motivated, and collaborate together to achieve the desired result.

These actions are reviewed regularly during a huddle, which helps to hold team members accountable for their actions and improve the likelihood that they’ll actually be completed!

What's next?

This may seem a lot, but you only need to dedicate a regular, small amount of time to yield pretty significant results. For example, our submission page for employee insights is designed to be completed in around 20-seconds, while a Teamgage huddle should be the exact opposite of those lengthy, formal, de-energising team meetings we’ve all grown tired of.

For examples of our customers doing this best, simply request a case study, or to discover more on the results you can expect from creating a high performing team, visit our High Performance Teams Report here.

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