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Great insights and better decisions, in real-time. Focus on metrics specific to your strategy, lower the turnover of your best people and improve the success of your teams and projects.

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Global teams use Teamgage to improve their organisation.

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How does Huddle work?

Huddle is an innovative approach to continuous improvement across your organisation. Give every leader at every level better visibility and insights to iteratively improve performance.

Teams continuously improve

Here's how it works:

1. Measure - Employees give fast, focused and frequent ideas and insights, using our unique 20-second submission experience.
2. Insights - Leaders get great insights in a glance-and-go report, at every level.
3. Action - Create actions based on data-driven decisions at every level, communicate the wins, then do it all again!

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Effortless participation

Team members provide valuable insights on areas relevant to their team and the organisation, using our unique 20-second submission experience. No more groaning from survey fatigue, just strong participation and a feeling of inclusion from all members of the organisation.

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Great insights at the click of a button

Understand what's working and what's not in seconds using our glance-and-go reports. Get insights, analysis and suggestions from the smartest platform in the industry. Then share the results with your teams to strengthen their participation.

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Game time for actions

Imagine the power of every team, at every level, implementing actions to improve - aligned to your strategy. That's the power of Teamgage. Best of all, you get visibility of improvements across the organisation, in real-time.

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Teams that use Huddle have:


Higher feedback participation


More positive comments


More positive employee sentiment


More improvement actions


Higher improvement


Lower staff turnover

Stats from Teamgage Data Analytics Team - Analysis 2022

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What about Senior Leaders?

Don't worry. Huddle has all the real-time dashboards and insights you need.

Your high level overview

Benchmark all areas of your organisation to see which teams are performing well and who needs help. Drill into any team, at any level to check their insights, ideas and actions.

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Deeper results analysis

Need further insights but short on time? How about analysing 10,000 comments across every team with just a click, or comparing how metrics are performing over time?

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Uncover demographic insights

Don't just view your Teamgage results by team or department. Unlock further areas of improvement and risk hidden within different groups e.g. graduates or those working remotely.

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See Teamgage Huddle in action

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How much is Teamgage Huddle?
The price of Teamgage Huddle is based on your total number of users. Our team can provide more detail and options to suit your organisation and budget.

Can I just use Teamgage Huddle?
Yes. Teamgage Huddle is the cornerstone of our team engagement platform, offering you ongoing improvement and insights.

Is feedback in Teamgage Huddle anonymous?
Yes. To generate open and honest insights, no one will be able to view who has submitted or made a comment, but we do have safeguards in place to ensure users aren't unnecessarily exposed to inappropriate submissions.

Are questions and metrics in Teamgage Huddle customisable?
Yes. All metrics and questions in Teamgage Huddle are customisable, allowing you to focus on what's important to your strategy, both at a team level and an organisation level.

Can employees submit feedback on any PC, mobile device or smartphone?
Yes. Teamgage Huddle is easy to use, doesn’t require any program or app to be downloaded and works on all modern browsers.

How long does it take to submit insights and ideas?    
Employees can quickly and easily leave their insights and ideas, on areas relevant to their team, within our unique 20 second submission experience. We've designed the process to be painless - or dare we say, even enjoyable!

How does Teamgage Huddle overcome Survey fatigue?
By engaging employees at every stage of the process! And we know that employees are actually energised by closing the 'feedback loop' which is why we design the process to be inclusive without adding friction to the way you run your organisation.  On average, teams that use the Teamgage process have a 73% higher feedback participation and 15.2% more positive comments.

Add Surveys & Academy

One platform with everything you need to keep your people engaged.

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Whether it's employee engagement surveys, risk audits or just going deeper into a particular topic, you can use our library or build your own.

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Want to level up your leaders? Add the Teamgage Academy for all the on-demand coaching and courses they could ever need.

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