10 ways leaders can inspire teams to take action

Claudia Peixoto
February 4, 2021

Here’s 10 tips for leaders to inspire action within their teams.

1 Create an inspiring vision

Does your team have a clear vision of what they are trying to achieve?

Create an inspiring vision of the future and give your team members something to work towards.

2 Set clear goals

List down the goals for each team member, so they know what's expected of them.

Align the tasks and deadlines and ensure that they agree with them. This way they'll be motivated to deliver and will boost their productivity levels in return.

3 Be the role-model

It's so important to lead by example.

If you demonstrate the same actions and values you expect from your team, it will inspire them to do the same.

4 Promote teamwork

Encourage your team to work together! Promote connection so members feel more engaged.

Motivate teamwork by linking performance with team goals as well as individual goals.

5 Make them feel valued

For real, not just because someone told you so.

People like to feel valued and appreciated in the workplace.

Give praise and reward their achievements.

Recognise their efforts. Remember, sometimes a simple thankyou is the best reward!

6 Have a positive attitude

...even when times are tough. This will inspire your team to adopt the same attitude and continue to work productively.

Keep them focused on the big picture.

7 Make yourself available

Full agenda? We get it - but it's important that leaders make time for their team.

Be available and contactable, so they can solve any road blocks that are stopping

8 Give responsibility

When team members have ownership of something, they are more inclined to really take action to deliver their best.

We know it’s sometimes hard to hand over responsibility, especially for key tasks, but it can often lead to amazing results.

9 Make it safe

Members of your team will absolutely have their own ideas about actions that could be taken to improve the workplace, results and the bottom line.

You just need to find a way to make them feel safe enough to let you know that “silly idea” that could just change things for the better.

10 Encourage conversations

Promote meaningful conversations within your team. Actively listen to their ideas and give feedback - don't let it go into a black hole.

Encouraging meaningful conversations will build trust amongst your team members, and build a sense of collaboration that inspire actions.

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